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neon champange glasses DIY









DIY Neon Champagne Glasses

With all the rage being neon this year I wanted to spruce up my kitchen with some vibrant color! I saw these fabulous Martini and Wine glasses on pinterest and Etsy painted with chalkboard and glitter paint. Soooo pretty! I decided to take the idea and spay paint myself some fabulous neon champagne glasses.

I found my six glasses at walmart on clearance for only $1 awhile back. Could not pass up that deal! so I purchased them and they have sat in the back of my cupboard ever since. I figured this was the perfect project for them! A quick run to the hardware store I picked up one can of pick and green spay paint, it cost about $5 for each can. I already had the rubber bands, tape and plastic bags at home. With all my supplies I got to it.

First I wrapped the tops of my glasses in plastic bags. I secured a plastic bad with a rubber band and taped of the bottom leaving about 1/2″ of the stem of glass out ( I just eyeballed this) to all six of my glasses

 Next I moved myself out doors and sprayed the glasses one at a time on cardboard. I let them dry before spraying a second coat. I used two coats on each glass and was satisfied with the color. After they completely dried I coated them with some clear nail polish to seal them! All done!

I am really happy with how mine turned out and got compliments and request from friends to make them some! I do not recommend washing them in steaming hot hot water or putting them through the dishwasher.

Hope you try this out! Enjoy!