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baby bump

Final Trimester baby bump and 10 weeks after birth. I did it! I shed over 35lbs in less than four months. I have decided to share with all you my journey. How I lost the extra weight and what worked for me. Most of it was my DIET. Slowly changing and improving my day-to-day diet was the number one reason I got from a size 7 to a size 4. So this short bit is going to be just on my diet and how I improved my day-to-day eating habits. I started about two weeks after my daughter Alice was born in May. I didn’t do anything to drastic and throw myself into a fad diet that I knew I couldn’t stick with. I improved my healthy eating gradually.  Ok first thing I love carbs, I mean who doesn’t. I am not a huge fast food eater, I don’t go for candy and pop but I do love chocolate and home baked goods. I love pastas, cheese, and buttery savory foods. I did not want to give up everything that I enjoyed eating for a bland diet. So I made a simple changes

  • Whole grain pasta-replaced white
  • Almond milk– instead of dairy milk
  • feta and parmesan cheese– instead of cheddar,mozza and marble
  • fruit energy smoothies snacks instead of a chocolate bar
  • white fish and chicken-replaced hamburger,pork
  • All the fruits and veggies I could manage to get my fill off

Before any of you freak out. This is my guide that I started on and tried to follow. I mean I still enjoy a pulled pork sandwich, steak and a smokie every once and awhile too! Thats what cheat days are for! I need cake. I want to look awesome and eat what I like. So a cheat day or two is a must for me. You have to feed your body what you love or all your hard work will cave into a week-long binge of a couch potatoes you gorging in ice cream, fudge, chinese food and a whole whack of self-pity and guilt. NUH HU! What I did to keep myself from giving up is I printed a Month Calender I smily faced my good days and X’d out when I cheated. Even though I cheated like ten times the first month, my smiley faces still outshined these X’s and I made a HUGE improvement.I found an awesome quote somewhere and it has kinda stuck in my head since I read it

A few “bad” days are not going to ruin a life style change.Only giving up can.

The first two weeks with changing my eating habits was absolutely the hardest. I swear I had more cravings for things in those first two weeks in both of my pregnancies. After that I found it smooth sailing and I gradually started adding simple healthier substitutes to my everyday diet.

4 weeks post baby





4 months post baby