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Ok I cheated! I totally caved yesterday with my meal plan and made myself some oo so delicious tuna melts and a big glass of milk. Bad me I know! But it did get me thinking more a lot my meal plan and what I could do to help keep myself on track. So with some consulting around with my peeps I think I’m going to pick up some multi-vitamins for sure! Most are pretty much the same and whatever vitamins my body doesn’t need, well my body just won’t use or take it in. I’m also going to take a look at some protein powders to see if I can find something I like. I know absolutely nothing about them, how you use them, pros or cons. So I think I have some self-education to do but hey might be worth it! and help get me oo so lean and toned for August long weekend!

Other then my little cheat I am sticking to my work out plan religiously! At Least an hour 6 days a week some times 1 1/2 or 2 depending on what I am doing/feeling that day. I can totally notice a difference now in my endurance and strength level! I can tell I am improving and I might be moving from my little 3lb weights to 5lbs! Ha ya I know not allowed of weight lifting but you gotta start somewhere! I have never put myself on a personal fitness challenge before and I have to so I am enjoying it and feeling AWESOME!