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Hydrate! Yes the most important thing to do for yourself! Especially with this eating clean meal plan, water is a must must must! but it gets boring and bland but lovely pinterest gave me some fabulous ideas on flavored water! I am not a fan of lemons or lemon water and I have been told numerous times how healthy and good it is for you but it isn’t for me. So I have made myself a couple different naturally flavoured waters that I am enjoying (without that lemon)

Water and Green tea– All I have done is throwing some organtic green tea, tea bag, into my water bottle! Love it it’s totally refreshing and my first choice on bring it along to my outdoor boot camp work outs.

Raspberry and Mint Water- Went down to my local grocery story picked up some fresh mint leaves and raspberries. I have a large plastic container in my fridge now with mint leaves and raspberries in it. Super simple and easy and it looks pretty in my fridge haha.

JI love it! It’s a great fun twist on added some flavor to your daily water intake! My little toddler is even enjoying it! He likes picking out his raspberries and eat them.