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Alright so I started boot camp 3 days a week June 4th so its been just over two weeks already! I started at about 125 lbs I am 5″3 and my main goal is to tone up my post pregnancy bod! My new clean meal plan/ Detox is only on day 3 but I am already feeling better! It can be hard to stick to ( It took every bit of me to reject birthday cake yesterday) but the long-term pay off will be sooo worth it!

Recap on my detox plan: I have eliminated all processed foods, sugars, salty foods, candies, and most carbs like bread, rice, potatoes. I am sticking to fresh fruits and veggies ( trying to keep to the dark green ones, but I love tomatoes!) I have also stopped eating red meat and have only chicken breast (steamed) or white fish and canned tuna. I am allowed balsamic vinaigrette, hot sauce and pepper for condiments.

My results so far I can work out and I am not as sore or feeling that incredible ache for days and days. I do feel that awesome lovely burn during and right after my work outs though! I am sleeping so much better, I am eating healthy (fresh fruits and veggies!) I am weighing in at 120lbs. I have taken some post bod pics but I am not going to reviel anything until after my 8 weeks! Only 53 more days to go Woooooh!