DIY- Neon Champagne Glasses


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neon champange glasses DIY









DIY Neon Champagne Glasses

With all the rage being neon this year I wanted to spruce up my kitchen with some vibrant color! I saw these fabulous Martini and Wine glasses on pinterest and Etsy painted with chalkboard and glitter paint. Soooo pretty! I decided to take the idea and spay paint myself some fabulous neon champagne glasses.

I found my six glasses at walmart on clearance for only $1 awhile back. Could not pass up that deal! so I purchased them and they have sat in the back of my cupboard ever since. I figured this was the perfect project for them! A quick run to the hardware store I picked up one can of pick and green spay paint, it cost about $5 for each can. I already had the rubber bands, tape and plastic bags at home. With all my supplies I got to it.

First I wrapped the tops of my glasses in plastic bags. I secured a plastic bad with a rubber band and taped of the bottom leaving about 1/2″ of the stem of glass out ( I just eyeballed this) to all six of my glasses

 Next I moved myself out doors and sprayed the glasses one at a time on cardboard. I let them dry before spraying a second coat. I used two coats on each glass and was satisfied with the color. After they completely dried I coated them with some clear nail polish to seal them! All done!

I am really happy with how mine turned out and got compliments and request from friends to make them some! I do not recommend washing them in steaming hot hot water or putting them through the dishwasher.

Hope you try this out! Enjoy!






Post Baby Body- Before & After


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baby bump

Final Trimester baby bump and 10 weeks after birth. I did it! I shed over 35lbs in less than four months. I have decided to share with all you my journey. How I lost the extra weight and what worked for me. Most of it was my DIET. Slowly changing and improving my day-to-day diet was the number one reason I got from a size 7 to a size 4. So this short bit is going to be just on my diet and how I improved my day-to-day eating habits. I started about two weeks after my daughter Alice was born in May. I didn’t do anything to drastic and throw myself into a fad diet that I knew I couldn’t stick with. I improved my healthy eating gradually.  Ok first thing I love carbs, I mean who doesn’t. I am not a huge fast food eater, I don’t go for candy and pop but I do love chocolate and home baked goods. I love pastas, cheese, and buttery savory foods. I did not want to give up everything that I enjoyed eating for a bland diet. So I made a simple changes

  • Whole grain pasta-replaced white
  • Almond milk– instead of dairy milk
  • feta and parmesan cheese– instead of cheddar,mozza and marble
  • fruit energy smoothies snacks instead of a chocolate bar
  • white fish and chicken-replaced hamburger,pork
  • All the fruits and veggies I could manage to get my fill off

Before any of you freak out. This is my guide that I started on and tried to follow. I mean I still enjoy a pulled pork sandwich, steak and a smokie every once and awhile too! Thats what cheat days are for! I need cake. I want to look awesome and eat what I like. So a cheat day or two is a must for me. You have to feed your body what you love or all your hard work will cave into a week-long binge of a couch potatoes you gorging in ice cream, fudge, chinese food and a whole whack of self-pity and guilt. NUH HU! What I did to keep myself from giving up is I printed a Month Calender I smily faced my good days and X’d out when I cheated. Even though I cheated like ten times the first month, my smiley faces still outshined these X’s and I made a HUGE improvement.I found an awesome quote somewhere and it has kinda stuck in my head since I read it

A few “bad” days are not going to ruin a life style change.Only giving up can.

The first two weeks with changing my eating habits was absolutely the hardest. I swear I had more cravings for things in those first two weeks in both of my pregnancies. After that I found it smooth sailing and I gradually started adding simple healthier substitutes to my everyday diet.

4 weeks post baby





4 months post baby

DIY Hospital Gown (maternity)


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DIY Hospital Gown (maternity)

Going into my third trimester I really started to think about the inevitable event of labor and delivery. I had come across on my many web shopping escapades super cute hospital gowns for sale. I could not however fork out the amount of cash asking being on a budget and me of course cheap savvy. After mentioning it to my mom she suggested I make my own, how incredible smart my mom is and what a great idea. So of course I google search and come across a pattern over at Lazy Girl Designs! How fantastic! Makes things just that must easier.When I started my last trimester with this pregnancy I decided to make myself a cute hospital gown that maybe I would actually wear during labor and delivery! I ended up making two gowns so with the second I took some pictures to show how I pieced the gown together. I ended up sending one gown to a very close friend of mine who is due less than a week after me! Babies so exciting!

Well let us get started! I found a great free pattern over at Lazy Girl Designs by googling “Hospital Gown”. The ladies there did a fantastic job and the pattern has very easy and simple instructions to follow. You can click the link to get to the pattern here. The pattern gives you a supplies list and some easy instructions on how to sew your very own hospital gown. I have put together a simple step by step process and how I made mine.

First make sure you have everything on the supplies list. I used for my gown

  • Two yards of Fabric
  • 50″ of 2″ Silk Ribbon
  • 50″ of 1″ Silk Ribbon
  • 6 snaps
  • coordinating string
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Lazy Girl Designs Pattern

This pattern is very basic and a beginner skills are only required. Next simply follow the instructions to print of and tape and cut out your own pattern together.

Once that is down its time to cut into your fabric! Make sure you lay your pattern on the fold to cut out the front piece of your gown. For the back you will cut out two separate pieces, so Do Not cut the back pieces on the fold. Do not forget that the pattern gives you sizing options, I am smaller build so my gown is shorter and slimmer. If you are tall I do recommend adding to the bottom otherwise the gown may be above the knee. It is very forgiving so lengthen and shorten to your own body size (or to the person you are making it for) and add about 3″ to that for sewing and hemming.

Front Back Right Cut Out

I did not like the deep v-neck on the pattern so I changed that up to make a more curved neck line.

The fun part! Sewing. Sew the gown nice side up.

With a straight stitch sew 1/4″ along the sides of gown with the fancy side up. This will bring the front and two backs together. Start from the bottom to the arm sleeve and stop. Do Not sew past your bottom sleeve. You Want the top completely open so you can add your snaps/ties.

 Press the seam separate and iron both sides


Flip the gown so it is fancy side up and iron out the seams out on both sides of the gown. Also slip the gown on and figure were you would like your back ties or snaps. I used three 6″ pieces of ribbon on both sides. I marked where I wanted the ties ( had some help from the hubby) and pinned them in place in between the seams.

I added ribbon under about 2″ under the arm sleeve. 3 1/2″ – 4″ from that ribbon to the middle of my back and 3 1/2″- 4″ from the back ribbon to my bum.

Next flip your gown inside out (ugly side facing up) and press the side seams. You then will sew 1/2″ seam to enclose the outside seam.

Seal your ribbon with a small flame or sew the ends so they do not fray.


unfortunately my computer crashed and I do not have pictures on how I finished the open top of the gown and finishing pictures 😦

All I did with the top was add three snaps on each side. I spaced them about 3″ apart. Once the snaps are in you hospital gown is finished!

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Have fun with your own gown!



Protein Powders and Multi-Vitamins


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Ok I cheated! I totally caved yesterday with my meal plan and made myself some oo so delicious tuna melts and a big glass of milk. Bad me I know! But it did get me thinking more a lot my meal plan and what I could do to help keep myself on track. So with some consulting around with my peeps I think I’m going to pick up some multi-vitamins for sure! Most are pretty much the same and whatever vitamins my body doesn’t need, well my body just won’t use or take it in. I’m also going to take a look at some protein powders to see if I can find something I like. I know absolutely nothing about them, how you use them, pros or cons. So I think I have some self-education to do but hey might be worth it! and help get me oo so lean and toned for August long weekend!

Other then my little cheat I am sticking to my work out plan religiously! At Least an hour 6 days a week some times 1 1/2 or 2 depending on what I am doing/feeling that day. I can totally notice a difference now in my endurance and strength level! I can tell I am improving and I might be moving from my little 3lb weights to 5lbs! Ha ya I know not allowed of weight lifting but you gotta start somewhere! I have never put myself on a personal fitness challenge before and I have to so I am enjoying it and feeling AWESOME!




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Hydrate! Yes the most important thing to do for yourself! Especially with this eating clean meal plan, water is a must must must! but it gets boring and bland but lovely pinterest gave me some fabulous ideas on flavored water! I am not a fan of lemons or lemon water and I have been told numerous times how healthy and good it is for you but it isn’t for me. So I have made myself a couple different naturally flavoured waters that I am enjoying (without that lemon)

Water and Green tea– All I have done is throwing some organtic green tea, tea bag, into my water bottle! Love it it’s totally refreshing and my first choice on bring it along to my outdoor boot camp work outs.

Raspberry and Mint Water- Went down to my local grocery story picked up some fresh mint leaves and raspberries. I have a large plastic container in my fridge now with mint leaves and raspberries in it. Super simple and easy and it looks pretty in my fridge haha.

JI love it! It’s a great fun twist on added some flavor to your daily water intake! My little toddler is even enjoying it! He likes picking out his raspberries and eat them.


Feeling the burn!


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Alright so I started boot camp 3 days a week June 4th so its been just over two weeks already! I started at about 125 lbs I am 5″3 and my main goal is to tone up my post pregnancy bod! My new clean meal plan/ Detox is only on day 3 but I am already feeling better! It can be hard to stick to ( It took every bit of me to reject birthday cake yesterday) but the long-term pay off will be sooo worth it!

Recap on my detox plan: I have eliminated all processed foods, sugars, salty foods, candies, and most carbs like bread, rice, potatoes. I am sticking to fresh fruits and veggies ( trying to keep to the dark green ones, but I love tomatoes!) I have also stopped eating red meat and have only chicken breast (steamed) or white fish and canned tuna. I am allowed balsamic vinaigrette, hot sauce and pepper for condiments.

My results so far I can work out and I am not as sore or feeling that incredible ache for days and days. I do feel that awesome lovely burn during and right after my work outs though! I am sleeping so much better, I am eating healthy (fresh fruits and veggies!) I am weighing in at 120lbs. I have taken some post bod pics but I am not going to reviel anything until after my 8 weeks! Only 53 more days to go Woooooh!

Mini bit size Energy balls


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A very good friend of mine came across something like this and gave me the general idea how she makes them, and I just put my own little twist on them and they are pretty yummy and sooo easy to make! Best thing is they are NO BAKE, that’s right you can seriously have these whipped up in 5 mins flat, easy peasy. They are one of the best things to eat pre and/or post work out! They are packed full all sorts of goodies that help you feel full and keep that energy up while you’re doing your training and work outs. Enjoy!!

All you need

1 1/2 cup Peanut butter

1 cup oatmeal

1/4 cup of either maple syrup or honey

1/3  seeds ( flax, sunflower, pumpkin whatever your feeling! I like to switch it up)

1/4 dried fruit ( cranberries, raisins, peaches ect.)

2 tsp of either vanilla extract or Cinnamon

hand full of Almonds (optional)

hand full of Dark semi-sweet chocolate (optional)

Mix everything in a bowl. Ones all your ingredients are mixed put it in your fridge to set (set ones the mixture is cold) pull them out and roll into small bit size balls. I put mine in a plastic container and keep it in the fridge. You can freeze them too!

Have fun with it, this recipe is very forgiving so add what you like, you really can’t go wrong!

8 week Body Detox!


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Along with starting my fitness routine again I seriously need to change some eating habits! I was BAD with this last pregancy loads of sugars, carbs and all that yummy stuff that really is not good for you at all! So with baby Alice a month old now and the house getting back into a routine I am starting not a diet but a lifestyle change to my diet. Thanks to my loving husband I am pretty sure I have an addiction to pepsi and frenchfries! In moderation those two things are not to bad but eating them ALL the time well that is not going to do me any good when i am working out! Empty calories do not give me the energy that I need to work out for an hour every day.

So I have decided to be burtal to myself and detox for 8 weeks! That is 56 days of no sugars, proccessed foods, red meats and all that kind of stuff. I have decided to make myself 4 meals a day with 2-3 snacks (depending on how hungery I am)

This is what I have come up with for myself.

Meal 1- 1 1/2 cups of yogart (plain/vanilla) and 1 cup of frozen fruit blended into a smoothie (yum!! I like raspberries, mango and peaches)

Meal 2- 1 can of tuna with 1 cup of veggies, the dark leafy green ones of course 🙂 ( broccoli, green beans ect.)

Meal 3- 9oz chicken breast or white fish fillet with 1 1/2 cups of Veggies ( spinach, avocados that kinda thing)

Meal 4- 2 cups of salad or spinach with a tbsp of feta with a tbsp of balsamic vinaigrette.

Snacks- fresh fruits ( apples. berries, oranges ect) flax crackers, bit size Energy balls (I will blog my receipe so good for a pre-workout snack)

I am NOT a calorie counter or a nutritionist, so I have no idea how many calories a day this is but I have been doing it for a few days and I by no means am starving myself. This doesn’t mean this is something you should try or do! Everyone is different and has different bodies! Consult your family doctor before changing yout diet 🙂



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Starting second week of boot camp and bikini body blaster work outs and LOVING it! I feel awesome and refreshed! I have also noticed that I am sleeping sooo much better and with a 5 week old baby hey that little bit of shut eye that I do get is a life saver!

Looking to shake up your work out routine and get ready for summer! Check out Cassy at blogilates and her fantatsic video bikini blaster! They totally work and you will be feeling awesome in no time 🙂